Health officials worry about electronic cigarette push in Colorado

Medical association urges local gov’ts to ban e-cigarettes

“Above all, we are a company that cares for the health of our customers. We understand that they are going through a difficult time and we want to help,” the company announced. John Paul Pollock, of The Vapor Store in Golden, described e-cigarettes as “a dignified alternative for people who smoke.” However, Walton rejects comparison to other stop-smoking products – such as the FDA-approved nicotine patch and nicotine-infused gum. “There is no research that shows that (e-cigarettes) are an effective cessation or stop smoking aid or device,” she said. Still, e-cigarettes are catching on worldwide.
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“The brand is really starting to expand nationally as we pursue an active growth strategy which involves continuous product development investment and vast marketing expenses,” says Michael Tolmach, the Chief Executive Officer of Eonsmoke, LLC. “Eonsmoke is being introduced by distributors both internal and independent to retailers every single day and our unique rechargeable brand continues to take market share,” says Mr. Tolmach. About Eonsmoke, LLC. Eonsmoke, LLC designs, markets, and distributes electronic cigarettes & accessories. The company’s trademarked electric cigarettes are electronic devices that vaporize a liquid solution.
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Editorial: LIRR is right to ban e-cigarettes

A person smokes an electronic cigarette, or

However, the long-term risks of inhalation are not clear. A German cancer institute reviewed research on e-cigarettes and said secondhand exposure may raise a child’s risk for asthma. Further, the German study said: “Adverse health effects for third parties exposed cannot be excluded because the use of electronic cigarettes leads to emission of fine and ultrafine inhalable liquid particles, nicotine and cancer-causing substances into indoor air.” As the devices are touted as an aid to quit smoking, U.S. cigarette makers are jumping into the market with flavors that include strawberry and pina colada. Meanwhile, the FDA is studying e-cigarette health effects and whether to regulate the devices as it regulates tobacco.
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Eonsmoke Electronic Cigarettes Reaches 15,000 Retail Locations in USA

The WHO said it had data showing a trend in other countries where people graduated to smoking real cigarettes after using e-cigarettes. The Food and Drug Administration has also issued advisories warning the public that the electronic smoking device was not emissions-free and contained volatile organic substances harmful to ones health, like propylene glycol and carcinogenic metals like nickel and chromium. Olarte reiterated the PMAs appeal to President Aquino to instruct his trusted troubleshooter Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas II to promptly study and help enforce the FDA advisories on e-cigarettes. He said his organization had tried to reach Roxas to discuss the matter but the latter seemed unavailable.
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