Big Tobacco back on TV with e-cigarette ads

More than four decades on from the federal ban on cigarette ads for radio and television, some of the nation’s major tobacco producers are back on TV with spots featuring e-cigarettes. Blu eCigs, a subsidiary of Lorillard ( LO ), kicked off an ad campaign in October with television spots featuring actor Stephen Dorff. R.J. Reynolds ( RAI , Fortune 500 ) is planning TV ads for its Vuse e-cigarette beginning in August. “This is rather remarkable in that it hasn’t happened in about 40 years,” said Richard Smith, a spokesman for R.J. Reynolds.
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Best E Cigarette to Quit Smoking Discussed by Tech-Cigarette Review Team

While there is no claim or a study that confirms that e cigarettes can actually help a chain smoker to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes, the fact remains that more often than not, smoking enthusiasts who would like to reduce their smoking cravings, can eventually benefit a lot by switching over to e cigs, as the varied nicotine levels offered in e cigarettes can actually help them ward away their smoking urges to a great extent. According to spokesperson, The best electronic cigarette can actually allow a chain smoker to reduce his/her smoking cravings by merely offering a lower amount of nicotine. It has been noticed that smoking enthusiasts benefit the most by merely lowering their nicotine levels by reducing their tobacco cigarette consumption and ensuring that their e cigs consumption is being increased. After a passage of time, the concerned smoking enthusiast would eventually lower the nicotine levels to a zero milligram capacity and this in turn would completely diminish his/her nicotine dependency. also interviewed several smoking enthusiasts who had tried e cigs to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes and they found that most smoking enthusiasts benefited from smokeless cigarettes and many of them also managed to quit smoking permanently.
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