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Totally Wicked Responds to the European Parliament Decision to Regulate Electronic Cigarettes that Will Cost Lives

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Citing danger, PMA urges e-cigarettes ban

By Martin Banks in Brussels 4:18PM BST 14 Jul 2013 The vote was intended to make tobacco smoking less attractive to young people through mandatory warnings, minimum pack sizes, and rules on flavourings. However, the revision of the EU ‘Tobacco Products Directive’ would classify most e-cigarettes as a medicinal product, despite the fact that in the UK alone 25 percent of all attempts to kick the habit are made using e-cigarettes, making them the most popular aid. The European Commission had proposed that e-cigarettes containing 4 milligrammes or more of nicotine must be classed as medicinal products but an EU parliamentary committee went further, voting to classify all e-cigarettes as pharmaceuticals, regardless of the nicotine content. Users of e-cigarettes (known as vapers) have protested, arguing that through e-cigarettes they were able to kick the tobacco habit.
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EU vote on electronic cigarettes ‘makes no sense’

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Medicines regulation creates a default prohibition and requirement for approval, leaving tobacco cigarettes as the only easily marketed source of nicotine. Speaking after the announcement, Fraser Cropper, Chief Executive Officer of Totally Wicked said: Do policy makers really want to protect an industry that kills 700,000 people at the expense of a market-based, consumer-led public health revolution that has the potential to save millions of lives? Let us not hide from the stark facts, because that is exactly what they have done today. If todays vote had truly been about public health then MEPs would have voted to ban tobacco cigarettes. If policy makers are unwilling to ban tobacco cigarettes then they have a moral obligation to ensure that any regulatory regime they introduce to regulate e-cigarettes, a recognised safer alternative to tobacco cigarettes, continues to allow them to be sold freely and in a way that is attractive to existing tobacco cigarette smokers. Today MEPs shirked their moral responsibility.
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